Donna Cariker

Artist Statement

I became “hooked on art” at nine years old after winning first place in a city-wide coloring contest.  Through the years I have painted everything from wall murals to designer apparel to children’s faces.  I have been an interior designer, art teacher, graphic designer and art director.  Since I love all forms of art, I became an “experimental artist” so I could implement a variety of artistic techniques into mixed-media art, ceramics, clothing and home décor.

The purpose of art is to add enjoyment to our lives.  Life is an incredible journey. Follow your heart…do what you love and love what you do!  Don’t ever stop looking for the thing that makes time fly by, the thing you do and forget about being hungry, where you don’t get tired until you take a moment to stop and realize you’re exhausted.  And always take time to daydream.  Spend a few moments a day to stare in thought without direction or purpose. Take in the glorious colors of golden sunrises and orange sunsets, ocean blues and garden greens.  Admire the dramatic splashes of color in flower gardens or lovely fields of wildflowers…those are the times you’ll find your most inspiring ideas.


Donna Cariker

Donna Cariker

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Early in her career, Donna owned an interior design firm and drew both residential and commercial floor plans. In addition, she and her husband built new homes and renovated historic buildings. Their personal home was on a Texas tour showcase in 1974 and again in 1985.  When the family moved to Galveston, Texas to renovate beach homes, Donna also designed and painted wall murals in the Ronald McDonald House, Shriners Burns Institute and the University of Texas Medical Branch-Child Life Center. She was commissioned to create several of Galveston’s Mardi Gras posters and (for four years) was chosen to design the city’s annual “Harborfest” shipping and advertising promotions.

Since she had always loved school, she attended college with her children and graduated with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Houston. After graduation, she began her career as an art director and graphic designer for the Moody Corporation, creating advertising and magazine ads for their banks and insurance companies. She also maintained a design studio and taught adult and children’s art classes.

In 2004, she moved to Flint, Texas and was employed by European Interiors for eleven years while continuing to renovate and “flip” homes with her husband in the East Texas area.  In 2016, she designed and made costumes for the San Antonio Fiber Arts Fashion Show.  She has won many art awards, has had numerous group and solo art shows in both universities and corporations and continues to show her work in art shows and galleries.


Sunflower by Donna Cariker


Watercolor on Paper (matte & frame) 21″(w) x 19″(h) – 2022

Seven Tulips by Donna Cariker

Seven Tulips

Watercolor on Canvas 20″(w) x 16″(h) – 2022

Vivid Pink Rose by Donna Cariker

Pink Rose

Watercolor on Paper (framed) 14″(w) x 11″(h) – 2020

White Rose by Donna Cariker

White Rose

Watercolor on Paper (framed) 14″(w) x 11″(h) – 2022

Two's Company Three's a Crowd by Donna Cariker

Two’s Company – Three’s a Crowd

Raku-Ceramic 14″ round – 2000

Ancient Sundial by Donna Cariker

Ancient Sundial

Raku-Ceramic 13″ round – 2000

Red Rosebud by Donna Cariker

Red Rosebud

Acrylic on Board 16.5″(w) x 16.5″(h) – 2021

Red Poppies by Donna Cariker

Red Poppies

Acrylic on Canvas 17.5″(w) x 17.5″(h) – 2021

Imagination by Donna Cariker


Acrylic on Canvas 21″(w) x 21″(h) – 2020

Electric Technicolor Abstract by Donna Cariker

Electric Technicolor

Acrylic on Canvas 20″(w) x 20″(h) – 2021

Single Red Rose by Donna Cariker

Single Red Rose

Watercolor on Paper (framed) 14″(w) x 11″(h) – 2022

Orange Rose by Donna Cariker

Orange Rose

Watercolor on Paper (framed) 14″(w) x 11″(h) – 2022

Ice Blue by Donna Cariker

Ice Blue

Alcohol Ink on Canvas 24″(w) x 24″(h) – 2020

Tulips by Donna Cariker


Watercolor on Canvas 20″(w) x 16″(h) – 2021

Crab Convention by Donna Cariker

Crab Convention

Watercolor on Paper (matte & frame) 24″(w) x 20″(h) – 2019